Any interest in a cone 5 firing?

Anyone interested in a cone 5 firing and have some pieces ready? I can set an event for late next week.

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I would like to see what my extra sandy clay body does in a cone 5 but I don’t want to hold you up. I’ll get some pieces made this weekend and hopefully into a bisque early next week! I’ll take a look at the event and see if they will make it, but it might be too tight of a timeframe. If you run another let me know!

I would like to but I need a couple weeks I think. I need to get some items made with that red sculpture clay :grinning:

@brendamvilla Yes, I’d like to try out cone 5. Thank you, Anette

I would! But I will be doing my class on the underglaze layering stuff on Sat, Feb 8th. I was going to suggest to them that they do Cone 5… So can we do it in like 2.5 weeks or so? Or do 2 firings?

Education question:
Reason for cone 5 firing, expectations, special glaze surface, etc? I’m always interested in learning why a specific cone is being tried/fired.

Is your extra sandy clay a ready-made clay you purchase at Trinity? If so, what is the name? Thank you :slight_smile:

One reason – some of the pinks and purples (Celadons, underglazes, etc.) start to burn out as you get hotter. For instance, the Lavender Celadon usually comes out sort of a French blue for me, except that one time that it was evidently in a cooler part of the kiln, and it actually came out lavender. Naturally, I was banking on the blue/gray that time.