Any DMS Gardeners?

This thread made me think to ask who all gardens?

Continuing the discussion from Anyone have any citrus or fruit trees:

I have 2 square foot gardens based off Mel Bartholomew’s book “Square Foot Garden”

I also have some potted plants & will be trying Leon Sloans wicking bucket here very soon

I may end up making a High Tunnel greenhouse for this falls season.

I do have Blueberries, grapes, several varieties of tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, various lettuce & onions. I lost track of all I have planted off the top of my head.


I’ve been stuck in apartments for a few years so have done most of my gardening at my parent’s place… built a 4x8 bed that did really well up until about two years ago. was growing some crazy big cucumber and squash, but ended up with some squash bug that decimated the bed. Things were looking good last year but then the bugs came back and again killed everything off.

We’ll see what happens this year. We added a bunch of ‘natural’ stuff to the bed at the end of last season that was suggested by the North Haven Garden center… they swear by it; will have to check to see what it actually was.

Have some lettuce, jalapeño, tomato, and some herbs growing in that bed as well as blueberries and stuff along the fence.

Have space to put 2-3 fruit trees which is why I started that other thread. Figured I’d like to start about 8-10 trees in planters and see which ones end up doing best.

Just started a hydroponic garden. Not huge but not small about 80 square feet.

Also have fruit trees and currently trying to get berries from my miracle fruit trees.


Squash vine borers are impossible to get rid of evil pests. I gave up even trying to grow squash here.

I have a 4’x18’ raise bed that I plant tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and whatever else catches my fancy for the year.

Last fall I planted a bunch of cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower and the only thing that survived was the cabbages. Its looking like I’m only going to get one cabbage before I have to pull them out to prep for my summer garden. I did get some volunteer cilantro, though, so that’s been nice.

I planted garlic last fall, but am going to have to transplant it as the bed needs about a foot of compost added to get it back up to its original height. Not sure if they’ll survive.

I’m going to have to pick your brain about the blueberries and lettuces because I’ve had zero luck with them so far.

Edit: On the bright side, my yard is turning into a veritable dandelion farm. Might lean into it and have dandelion salad. :laughing:

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Mine are doing fine in TX. I recommend:

Acid soil - pine needles make a great mulch for blueberries. Pine bark nuggets work too.

They like water, but also like to keep their feet dry. Sandy soil is best, and/or plant on a slope so water doesn’t pool. I added a drip irrigation circuit to my landscape watering so they get regular watering (30 mins every other day) in the summer. The drip pipes are under the mulch to minimize evaporation.

Not much to worry about from pests or diseases, other than birds eating the crop.

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I stumbled across Leons channel in what YouTube rabbit hole. He is in Southern Ok (Kingston). I’m definitely trying a lot of his techniques. He has a lot of experience. I’d like to meet him one day.


Are you planting yours in a container or straight in the ground? I struggle with soil amendments since ours is so thick with clay. Its rough trying to dig enough out to amend properly.

I was told to use a bag of azalea mix soil around the blueberries; they need lots of acidity and drainage.

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In the ground - gets too hot in TX for container plants, IMHO.

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I garden but mostly just indoor plants and flowers. Have no yard so am restricted to my patios in my apartment. Did get a 7’ Japanese maple for $15 at Calloways recently that I’m taking a crack at growing in a container.

I like to grow things, a lot. <3

I’ve not kept up my veggie/food garden this last year but will be looking to grow it again. Right now, I just have a massive collection of plants I keep indoors and a bunch of succulents I keep outback to soak up the sun and turn pretty colors. I love plants I can propagate and make new plants.

Once we’re able to, I’d like to start working on turning my backyard into part English Garden (though with a drought resistant lean), part greenhouse for veggies (especially dark green lettuces) and fruit.

I have two raised beds: 5’ x 20’ and 2.5’ x 30’. One (5x20) is at the end of the driveway. The other (2.5x30) is in between the driveway and the fence between our neighbors yard.

Last year I started moving into the front yard (not a raised bed, just dug up the grass). Not sure how much additional space it adds.

This! I love every single crop I have (which was only two, lol) to animals.

Our backyard is an edible jungle… we’ve got a dozen 4x6’ raised beds for veggies (kale, chard, peas, tomatoes, melons, okra, etc), about 30 fruit trees, some tropicals in pots that overwinter on our porch (lime, kumquat, lemon, papaya, etc), plus bees and chickens. I taught an outdoor gardening class last year, I ought to teach it again this spring. Growing food is doable year round here as long as you water a lot during the peak summer heat, address the bugs early, and have AI controlled sentry guns for the squirrels.


Oooo! I’d be down to get some pointers!

Squash vine borers are evil… we’ve grown squashes under a mesh cover with success until they get too big to fit under the mesh. We’ve also put diatomacous earth and aluminum foil around the stems and helps for a little while. But the squashes eventually succumb without constant maintenance.


Tried the covers but they always got in sneaky moths and I did not get much of a crop-to make it worth the effort. sprayed with BT as well. I even considered injecting the stems with BT. Then I realized that for me it was not a fight worth fighting.

Yes i plant and tend plants but i don’t have a garden. So i am free labor. Anyone need some semi free labor?

I just got a half plot at the Harvest Community Garden & will be learning organic gardening. I’m interested in any tips or classes