Any C# developers out there that can help us make a REST or JSON api?


We have a C# class that needs to be made into an API …
I’m not skilled enough in C# or .net to do it easily.

It is for the space to use. It has to do with the RFID readers.


A single class?

What are the security requirements?

Is there a container to host it?


Yes, it does need security, perhaps an API key for it but it may be on a private network as well.

It might be a service for a windows machine? I am open to suggestions.

We may be using it to access our RFID door controllers in the future.

The reason we are using C# is because it depends on DLLs that are compiled already in Visual C and the code is already written to use it in C#.


WebAPI isn’t that hard to use. Assuming you can host it on a windows environment, I should be able to get something going. Can you get me a list of requirements/specifications?


Does this still need to be done? I could do this… just need the info.


can it be written in .net core?