Another Dog bed event <3

We’re thinking about having another dog bed sewing event…maybe on Sunday Aug 25th.

What does that look like for everybody? Who all is interested in joining us?

Thanks! :heart:


Are they difficult to make? Could a beginner do this?

A bit off topic but wouldn’t be cool to all get together with all of our dogs and have a BBQ again? Perhaps in a dog park or something.


Super easy…lots of straight lines…
As long as you’re signed off on the space’s machines or bring your own, you’re good to go.

and our motto last time was “dogs don’t care”…they really don’t care if your lines are straight :heart:


And we can use it as a “get signed off on the machines” event.


Let me ask you a question at some time would you be interested in having a bunch of precut pet bandanas that just need to be hemmed. I know when I get into my building I have quite a few and I know I’m never going to have time to do anything with them so they need to find a home where they can be used

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We will definitely use them! :heart:

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@alexandcolesmom and I are in for another dog bed event!

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