Another Awesome DMS VECTOR representation at TPF (2019)


image image

FYI I didnt build Morpheus as the space this time but here is what I entered.



This is awesome!

Would it be OK if I moved your post into either VECTOR or the Public Relations category? That way it can be seen outside of DMS. It would be good publicity - for you, for VECTOR, and for DMS.

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no biggie…


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I also came home with a Best Antique Pinball (pre-1960) runner-up ribbon for a nicely restored 1958 Gottlieb Sunshine. To be fair, I did not restore it, only bought it at the show a few hours before the awards on Sunday. It only needs a few minor things and it will be a great woodrail in the collection. It will probably make an appearance at some of our events.



Here is a report on the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival by Pinball News.

This year Vector had a booth that was about 100 feet from the front entrance if you went to the right. Was great placement this year even if the space allotment was a little cramped.

Also the Texas Pinball Museum in Midlothian recently opened and is run by friends of ours who are part of the team behind the Texas Pinball Festival. We work with them occasionally on pinball events.