Annual Meeting, Election of Board of Directors, BoD - New Date 5-10-2019


Want everyone to have plenty of time and notice of cut-off dates.

Critical dates for candidates and voters are presented below. Annual meeting is also now on the calendar for 4/15.

Link to Agenda item:

Critical Dates and summary:
Summary of dates:

  • January 21: Sets time and place Annual Meeting set by BoD
  • Now – April 15th: Statement of intent may be filed anytime as late as the close of voting at the 2019 Annual meeting: 8:30PM CST.
  • March 18th: Ballot Items , other than directors, to be voted on at the Annual Meeting must be submitted to the Board of Directors by the March meeting for approval and inclusion on the ballot.
  • Noon, March 28th: Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting to members. (Candidates are not listed in letter, so SOI need not have been filed). This meets statutory time limit requirements for notice.
  • Noon, April 1st: Online Voting inclusion SOI must be filed.
  • Noon, April 11th, Online Voting Registration: Must have elected for voting rights in order to vote online. Can still vote in person at annual meeting.
  • Noon, April 15th, Paper Ballot Inclusion SOI must be filed. Can still have write-ins up till 8:30PM
  • Noon, April 15th: Cut-off to Register for Voting Rights for 2019 Annual Meeting
  • 8:00 PM, April 15th: Annual meeting
  • 8:30 PM, April 15th: End of Voting, election closed
  • 8:31PM Begin Vote count

Moderator edit, with permission of the OP:
Election date is changed to May 10.
Full details are at this other post:



@John_Marlow Will you pin this at the top of Talk. We are within 60 days of the election now.




Now on calendar: Annual Meeting

Please note: The BoD will start then recess for Annual meeting, after voting tabulated, will reconvene then, new directors installed. The Annual Meeting WILL PROBABLY NOT actually take place in Conference Room due ot expected overflow crowds.

All will take place in Lecture Hall. Had to pick another room due to overlapping times.