Animatronics Classes

Are there any Animatronics classes planned? The reason I ask is that I teach a lot of Arduino-ish and RPi Pico W microcontroller classes and these devices are popular in animatronics projects.

If anyone is planning and developing classes, I’ll be glad to help any way I can.

If not, I’ll be glad to work with the committee to develop and present classes in this area. My classes currently include various microcontrollers, servos, relays, LEDs, displays, and a number of sensors. I should be able to add other components and procedures fairly easily.



Animatronics is now a Committee. Jason @engpin is the Chair.
Think there are classes in the works including access to online courses.

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We are working on getting classes together right now let’s meet and talk it over.

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I discovered Wokwi a few months ago and had thought of posting info on it but kept putting it off. Your reply that classes are in the works pushed me to do it. Wokwi can be a minor subject, like I use it, or a class could be built around it.