An Egg-citing Project Idea

Hey, all. So I’ve got an idea that I wanna throw out there just to see if you more experienced folks think it’s even possible. Many of you have probably heard of those Big Green Egg grills/smokers. If you haven’t you can get some info here Basically it’s just a ceramic smoking chamber (aka a kamado grill). Now I really want one of these things but even the tiny ones are absurdly expensive. It seems like if one had some equipment, materials, and a little gumption they might be able to create something similar themselves for a tiny fraction of the cost. The thing is, I’ve never thrown anything on the wheel before and I reckon the project would require throwing two fairly large pots for the top and bottom of the chamber. Not to mention adding hinges and handles and so on if one were to get fancy. So hopefully there’s someone out there with much more experience than I that might be interested in providing some guidance!


It’s possible. You would be limited by the kiln size at the space (medium maybe?) but you also might sink that much $$$ into the project in supplies.

Here is a how it’s made -

You would need to slip cast to get a consistent thickness which would be import for strength against thermal expansion.

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Frankly, I’d be doing that hand-built. Throwing big stuff is a skill that takes a lot of practice. Also, if you were considering it, it probably takes special clay. @cmcooper0 was talking about a special clay that’s only got one on-line source that handles big temperature changes better than the normal stoneware clay. Alternatively, one could probably talk to Conor at Trinity Ceramic Supply about mixing a special batch of clay. Based on my conversation with a couple of professional potters, there’s just one additional ingredient that helps the clay withstand that sort of thermal shock. Kinda like the difference between regular glass and the original Pyrex ware, although we’re probably not talking the same ingredient for clay and glass.

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For safety, I’d highly recommend reading this article on Digital Fire. Save your skin, eyes and other valuable bits, choose the right clays when it comes to cookery. :slight_smile:

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Very helpful! Now I’m wondering how hard it would be to make a couple of molds haha

Going back to the hand-built idea, you could make a couple of quick drape-molds out of stryofoam, and drape slabs over that.

Hmmm not a bad idea!

Just found this. Might have to try it out :wink:

Whoa! That’s some serious, crazy-ass chemistry stuff!

Yeah, I’m thinking I might just try terra cotta haha

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Connor at Trinity can mix cone 6 slip that is more resistant to thermal shock. Try asking for raku slip.