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I looked at the class schedule earlier and noticed how the fashion classes stop happening on the weekends and many other classes like Arduino or Raspberry Pi 101 weren’t available anymore either. I actually come from Waco so it’s difficult to come regularly but I wanted to ask why these classes aren’t available anymore. I also noticed that the amount of classes offered has decreased as well during the summer. Am I just overthinking or are there some big changes happening that I just don’t know about? Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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It’s a combination of factors.

In the metal shop we had a dwindling of teachers, and more that were recently trained but still getting classes up. Compound this with a poorly functioning AC in the summer heat and it’s hard for extended work for many instructors in that room.

At the other end of factors, we have the honorarium situation. We hit a massive amount of honorarium spending, and had to cap the amount spent on it each month. Some teachers considered this, improperly I should clarify, as a second paycheck rather than a token “thank you”, and won’t teach for the reduced amount / actually volunteer to teach (which is what as a makerspace we want, volunteers willing to teach not people that consider volunteering as requiring payment).

To cap off other factors, we’ve had committees trying to get settled in new spaces, work with new equipment, etc.

It’s a chaotic time, If you are looking for a specific set of classes it’s still best to post here on Talk and let them know there is more interest. Feedback about missing classes that haven’t happened in a while is the best way to let committees know where priorities should go and what’s desired by members,


The fashion classes are on hiatus while the instructor, Serena, takes a break from teaching. Going to school during the week and teaching a LOT kinda wore her out.

Classes listing in general slowed down across the board when it became apparent that DMS needed to review the process of paying token honorariums to teachers and committees for most of the classes being taught. The board will be formalizing the new honorarium process at the Board meeting tomorrow, but classes have begun to creep back onto the schedule.


really? I don’t see that on the agenda. so which plan did they go with?

My bad. Perhaps not. But I know the committee chair recommendation was submitted.

Committees try to have classes required for tool usage offered on a somewhat regular basis. Otherwise, classes are offered by volunteers when they decide to offer them. @NickWebb and I tend to do most of the Arduino-ish classes and we have both been busy for a while but that is improving. We currently have three on the calendar and I will post another in a few days. The honorarium issue mentioned above is a definite factor with some but Nick and I are getting back to full speed as the summer winds down.

Here is a list of some of our previous classes where you can see the descriptions. Do you have any request for these or other subjects? We always like to hear what might be interesting.


Hi Jim, thank you so much for your response. I’m sorry to hear about the issues regarding the honorarium amount. It’s hard to find the right balance between what the organization can afford to pay and what would make the teachers feel appreciated.

I am interested in taking classes that will allow me to gain technical skills that would make me a competitive candidate for the job market. As someone who just received a marketing degree and have no technical expertise, I honestly don’t know where to start and would appreciate some suggestions from you all. I get bored easily so I need to work on projects that will be fun and have an important end result. I’ve tried a bit of Python through CodeCombat but had a difficult time staying motivated to continue. I hope you can understand my dilemma and suggest some classes that could be fun for me and would help me land a good position. Thank you.

@jrkriehn Hi Judy, thank you so much for you reply.

Oh I did not know she was also attending school. It’s amazing that she took the time to teach at Makerspace even though she had such a busy schedule. I really hope that I can eventually make it to her classes if she is able to teach again.

Also, I’m happy to hear that you guys were able to resolve the honorarium issue.

@bpamplin Hi Brady, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I completely understand. So I don’t have a technical background; I just received my marketing degree last year. I want to gain technical skills to become more competent and learn some fun things about electronics. I read the description and would love to attend as they seem to be perfect for me as a beginner. However, it’s a challenge because I currently live in Waco and I can’t afford the Waco Makerspace fees. Is it still possible for me to take these classes as a non-member?

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Short answer is yes.
When you look at the class description under the “Registration” heading you will find fees and restrictions listed. If “DMS members only” isn’t listed, the class/event is open to the public.

Enjoy the class!

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But, for the bad news, be advised, that eventually a “non-member fee” will probably be implemented. Teachers have also been encouraged to develop classes outside of the honorarium system with their own pricing model.

While I think our classes are fun and informative, it would be a stretch to say they would give you much of an advantage in getting a job. On the other hand, if you take a class on Python/Arduino/… and then study on your own to acquire some level of skill, it might give you a one-liner that could mention in an interview.

Are you currently looking for a job? If yes, feel free to post it here on Talk. A key is to make the subject line as informative as possible to get attention. There are no guarantees but its free and you might get a good lead.

My classes are free and open to non-members. About 30% of my students are non-members. If the non-member fee happens, I’m sure it would be noted on the class announcement pages.

Youtube is a great way to get a feel for whether you might be interested in hobby electronics and programming. I especially like “the guy with the Swiss accent.”


Well, sad news…
I just got word from @Aneres that she won’t be teaching any of her fashion design classes in the foreseeable future.

Both the DMS President, Lara Rosenblith and I have told her that her fans here at DMS miss her classes, and we have encouraged her to consider returning to teaching someday. Keep your fingers crossed!


Oh no. :cry:

I hope that she could come back. I met her once and she was really sweet!

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My main issue has been the fact that I don’t have the confidence to buy robot kits or any other electronic items because I’m worried that I’ll get stuck and will give up. But if I take these classes, maybe I’ll become comfortable enough to build on my own.

Yes, I’m looking for an entry-level role related to marketing/customer service. That may be a good idea; I hadn’t thought of sharing it on Talk.

I really appreciate you allowing non-members to take part in your classes. I am planning on purchasing the membership once I get a full time job. I think Makerspace is a great place to invest in your hobbies.

I haven’t seen his videos yet but I will check them out soon. Thank you so much for all your advice!

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While I don’t know her from Adam, you might reach out to her and offer to pay her for classes.

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My best advice for you, @shyama92, is to work on a project, and pick up skills as you go. offers free, self-paced online coding classes with support in their forums that help build your portfolio when you use their github account.

Even better advice is to do this in the service of a non-profit to gain experience doing the job you want unpaid, which can count as much as job experience if you do it well. DMS is a nonprofit, so volunteering here whenever you can make the drive and via slack or whatever your committee uses to communicate would get you a head start.

If you want to gain volunteer experience in marketing with Dallas Makerspace, we have a Public Relations committee that oversees most of the marketing here. I’m on the committee, so feel free to reach out if you’d like to volunteer.

Also: Once you have the project completed, remember to add it to your LinkedIn Projects section. Good luck!