Amateur Radio - J-Pole Class and License Slides

Reminder: On Sunday (July 14) from 3-5pm, I will be teaching a hands-on class for constructing a copper J-Pole antenna. As we make the antenna, we will talk about the theory of operation. At the end of the class, makers will come away with a solidly constructed, working, J-Pole that can be mounted inside or outside.

The Class fee of $30 includes all materials. Because I have to purchase materials, the registration deadline is 3pm today.

Also, I will be posting slides on the Wiki soon for the six Amateur Radio Technician License classes. During these six classes, we went over all of the topics covered on the exam. I am happy to hold any of these classes again; so if you or someone you know is interested, please let me know.


Will you be doing a General class?

Maybe sometime in the future. But, I do not have any plans right now.