Amaco Brent no. 15 belt

Hello, does anyone have any experience with older wheels? I have an Amaco no.15 pottery wheel that needs the drive belt replaced but I have no clue how to access the belt in order to replace it. Any help would be appreciated as it seems like there’s very little information on the internet. Thanks!

I found a manual at this link. It has sections about how to troubleshoot the belt.

amaco brent wheel manual.pdf (3.8 MB)

Since we also own Brent wheels at DMS, I uploaded this manual to the wiki and linked to it from the Ceramics section of the Tools page.

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Yeah. I don’t think we’ve ever had to mess with any of the wheels, but there’s always a first time.

Unfortunately the model 15 is so different from the more modern wheels that the manual doesn’t cover how to replace the belt on that model. I’m hoping somewhere that there’s a manual for the 15, but I’ve been unable to find one

I’m sorry about that. The manual says you can call customer support at 800-374-1600 for help with troubleshooting.