Aluminum Sheet Cutting and Bending

Good evening All,

I am wanting to make a metal housing for a digital sign. I think i can make the cuts that i need, but since i will be making a 3’-4’ sign, i don’t know if i can make the bends for the sides even by hand. Is the press/box break up and running? Last i saw it Tim was working on the power for it.

I will have it wired tomorrow afternoon if it has not been done yet.


Sweet. I don’t know if enough people say this, but thanks for all you do at DMS!


The brake is fully functional now with exception of the enclosure the transformer is mounted in needs to be mounted. I have it marked with sharpie on the back for rivet nuts.

Is this something that a noobie like myself that i might be able to handle? I know the difference between a slot and philips head screw driver! :smile: If so, i can come over tomorrow after work.