Aluminum Anodizing Assistance

I do see the previous threads regarding Aluminum Anodizing.

I have been told that there are some individuals involved with the Jewelry/Small Metals Lab that are experienced and can possible do some small work at DMS.

Someone please put me in contact with the appropriate person/people who can help with a small project.

@Cairenn_Day is one person who has worked with anodizing…

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The only anodizing we have done in the jewelry department is niobium and titanium. I believe that a different setup is required for aluminum? If you know what is required, you could check our unit and see if it will deliver the correct current. I am not familiar with the aluminum process.

The waste stream for anodizing aluminum is much different than the metals JSM has handled. Last time it was looked at the space couldn’t reasonably assure proper handling of the waste stream, so it was dropped.

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In conventional liquid anodizing of Aluminum, there is a waste stream of Lead and Acid.

In plasma anodizing, the cathode is Stainless Steel, and the electrolyte is Potassium Hydroxide (easily disposable). Perhaps someone can do a test run, the results are much better than Lead Acid anodizing.