Alternative to Open Tour

So, Open Tours are on Thursday nights. However, I work a night shift, and I work every Thursday. Would it be possible to arrange an alternative tour and get my RFID fob on another day? Ideal times for me would be Monday or Tuesday nights, at or after 7:00 PM.

Thank you for the help.


I show up in a wheelchair on Saturdays, and frequently see tours done in the mornings. I would wait until someone steps forward in this forum, but if no one does I’ll pass my phone number to you via PM and see what I can do.

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I can show you around, happy to help. Just let me know when you are able to come up!

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You can certainly always come up at another time! There’s a doorbell at the front entrance and someone will answer. If you let them know you want a tour, someone will give you one : )

If you cannot get a tour with Wendy or Kris, we will have a tour on 1/4 and 1/18, but may be too early for you if you work night shift. While I cannot commit to Monday, I can possibly assist on Tuesday depending the week.

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Thank you all for the replies. I’ve arranged to meet up with Kris on Monday, but if that falls through, I’ll be sure to contact another one of you. I appreciate how helpful everyone is.

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Hahahahahahahaha!!! That’s a big mixed bag. You’ve got a decent chance of somebody actually getting up to let you in, but a lesser chance of somebody being willing to give you enough of their time for a tour.