Alternate Yarn?

I’m trying to find a similar ombre coloring to this: Scheepjes Whirl but in a Sport or DK weight. I’m fine with the middle color either being a pink or teal, but I haven’t been able to find anything in a non-striping gradient that has the black/grey/color motif.


Paging @classielassie

Knit circus in “come what may” (pink) and “believe in miracles” (teal) are options, even though their etsy photos have the color outside the cake, there’s also “shades of grey”, or “april showers”. She has a ton of gradient cakes.
She dyes to order on the base weight you pick; Divine is their DK base, but Ringmaster is a lighter worsted that might also work if they’ve discontinued DK again.

There’s also the treasure cakes (DK) and helix cakes (heavy fingering/light sport?) from Infinite Twist. Both tend to be color family gradients, rather than color to greys, but they knit well.
If you do go with IT, use the code “Knitmore” for a discount; shipping may take a while.

Lion brand and Caron both have some all acrylic shawl balls, but I’m assuming you wanted wool since Sheepjees.