Alright, I'm giving in

Was waiting on Saturn to be available again, but honestly with the monochrome screen being my main draw to it I am just going to order a Mars 2 Pro. Maybe I will upgrade later when Saturns are regularly available.


Welcome to the SLA club. I just ordered a $100 MSLA printer like the Mars on amazon (it’s sold out now) so I now own two resin printers. I’m glad isopropyl and gloves got cheaper finally.

Good luck, love mine (er my son’s). Like to know your experience with water washable resins. The Elegoo Facebook page shows a lot of people have trouble with it. But eventually get the settings right and then are happy to not use Isopropyl anymore.

I really like them from my experience using the space’s printer. Very nice to avoid isopropyl and they also seem to come out very well. The regular resin still felt kinda waxy and not great to to touch for like 1.5 weeks but the water washable came out great feeling straight from the cure box