Aldi. cart. fob

This looks like an interesting thing to make. Saw it out on Temu for about $17 express shipped.

You put it in the cart at Aldi then take it back out when you put the cart up. You never have to remember a quarter again. :slight_smile:

It’s aluminum so should be something easy enough on the Shapeoko.


Is that $17 for just 1 of those? Seems like you’d have to forget 68 quarters to break even.


Actually, you only need to forget the one that lets you liberate the cart to get it free to use :sunglasses:

Two! But simple enough to make from scratch and put on a key ring. Seems every time I end up at Aldi I don’t have a quarter in my pocket to release the dang cart.

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When I lived in Israel people hated these. They used a 5 Shekel coin at that time worth about a Quarter.

People were printing these with 3D printers and just pitching them when it was a rainy day.

I possessed but never used a set of 4 quarters on a string used for similar purposes.
I did see a fella use a similar set to not have to pay for the washing machines, so I know how they’re used.
Drill a 1/4" hole offset to one side of each quarter, loop string through. Et Viola!
Ya got yerself a cheater quarter for…slightly more than $0.25 per device.

I’ve always just 3d printed them.
About 6 at a time, then either leave them in the cart when I was done or give them to people that didn’t have a quarter, lol

I say we add a DMS logo to them, to aid Aldi (and the police) when attempting to prosecute.

Just a thought. :man_shrugging:t3:

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For what? You put a quarter in to take a cart and you get the quarter back when you return the cart and reattach it to the line. It’s just so you can get a cart if you don’t remember to take a quarter to Aldi.

So, again… for what?

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You do have a good point. I stand corrected.

I obviously don’t shop at Aldi enough to remember the ‘you get your quarter back’ part.

I do find it interesting that they use the German pfand approach to their cart deposits. Drinking and shopping really matter to those rule followers.

Aldi being German, that makes sense…
Although I don’t think Trader Joe’s uses it, so… :man_shrugging:

They started out as a U.S.-based, West Coast company. Once you develop a set of customer expectations over decades, you don’t easily implement things like pfand without expecting a lot of blow-back from your customers.

Can we make these on the Turret Punch? Paying $15 is nuts.

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Uh, no. Aldi is a German company.

The confusion comes in because of the family that owned Aldi’s had brothers that couldn’t get along. The brothers didn’t agree on whether they should sell cigarettes so they split the chain into North and South chains and expanded from out there.

One brother bought Trader Joe’s in 1979 the other brother/part of the family opened first store in 1976. Not sure if TJ brother still had interest in company or if it was public by then, The brother that bought Traders Joe’s the interest in that company has no co-commingling.


I was responding to the topic about Trader Joe’s. I’m well aware of where Aldi’s started, and I’ve shopped in Aldi’s while in Germany.

Don’t let real money go away,

Be careful with that…there are some that will advocate that you should be prosecuted over a 25-cent deposit…