Air Brush Class

According to the wiki i need instruction before using the airbrushes, can we get a class on this or can some kind person give me the rundown? Its for a Christmas present project so its slightly time sensitive.

@mreynolds and some characters

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Hey @SlayerMoon, thanks for the interest in airbrushing!

I can certainly teach you the basics, but currently I don’t think we have enough for a populated class. It is on my list to assess and rebuild the airbrushing capabilities for Creative Arts, but again, its on a list.

Message me and let me know when you’re most likely to be at the makerspace, and we can try to arrange something!


For planning purposes, please be advised that only water-based (i.e., acrylic) paints are allowed to be used in the airbrushes. No solvent-based paints are allowed.

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Let me know whenever you decide on and I’ll join if I’m free (but don’t plan around my schedule—I don’t know that I’d ever even airbrush anything it just doesn’t hurt to learn lol)

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I can be there Tuesday evening of the 29th, Wednesday 30th in the evening , or thursday before 7pm!

I would be interested in learning this as well. I’m available every day after 4:30 except for the 30th.

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I will try and get a class up on the calendar as soon as I can get the airbrushes cleaned up and ready for use. Hopefully before the end of the year!