Agendas and Votes

In reference to Committee meetings, are agenda’s and items that will be voted on during a committee meeting now required to be posted or noted on the calendar event?

Thank you

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no such board item has been made with that requirement. None the less, it is a practice I’ve taken up. known agenda items that we know will require a vote I post 72 hrs in advance with the meeting reminder. This does not preclude on-the-spot items which may be motioned and voted on. It simply gives more information to help people decide if they wish to attend or not. Cheers!


It would surly be a benefit for people involved in multiple committees to decide what are the most important meetings to attend each month.

If a person can not make it to a meeting, How do you send a proxy for an important vote if you don’t know there will be an important vote? Can you give a non specific vote proxy to a member you know is going vote reasonable, if something SHOULD come up to vote on?


Committee Responsibilities & Rules proscribe at a minimum recurring monthly meetings at a set time:


  1. Committees shall hold meetings each calendar month at minimum. Committee meetings shall be regularly scheduled on either a specific day of the month (for example, the 13th) or a specified day of the week (for example, the second Monday of each month.)

They are clear with regards to emergency meetings requiring notice:

Committee Responsibilities and Rules

  1. The Chair may hold an emergency Committee meeting with 5 days notice on the forums of DMS, and on signs conspicuously posted in the committee area, provided a good faith effort to notify all current committee members is performed, and that the time of the meeting is not unreasonably restrictive on the members.

The letter of the rules do not specify that the agenda items must be published in advance although one could argue that it’s in the spirit. The 13.5 days mandated for elections is probably too much lead time.


Could you post the meeting day of each committee? Since the last turn over some committees are not following the same schedule as they had been. This would be beneficial to know for everyone.

I am very guilty , I have had to scheduled meetings around health issues, and Expansion updates.

I’m working on recurring classes/event in the calendar. It will be able to schedule and email committee members in advance …