Advice on my Frankenstein computer build?

I’m in the process of trying to get my pc upgraded with stuff that’s been given to me or salvaged from places, I know most of the parts are in working condition but some are iffy. Is there a simple way to test some of the more difficult to just switch out pieces like mobos?

A tip that I see on the internet all the time is to put your mobo on the cardboard box it came in and plug in only what’s necessary to boot. Then once it posts fit everything into the case.

I’ve never felt comfortable doing that myself, but if it’s good enough for Linus… ¯\__(ツ)_/¯


I’d probably bust out an ESD mat and put the board on that, but yeah…


There’s a few things that one would want to do, each are highlighted in the videos below.

But basically strap in a good test / sacrificial mobo to your testbench and power up to the bios then reboot into a stress test tool.

Double check with the manual for your part/board on and be sure to read the Complete CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Hardware and Software. 4th through 7th Editions.

Also, having a Digital Microscope and Circuit board working platform goes a long ways.

Free (or extremely cheap) DIY PC Testbench!

Testing motherboards

Checking Voltages

Fixing the unbreakable mac

(if one is to take anything from this then look at it as a good guide on what to expect while debugging computers and restoring them more than just a “howto fix apple products”)


Thanks, I have homework to do apparently

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