Adobe CC 2019 improvements


There are some really nice improvements in Adobe Creative Cloud 2019. Here are some videos for a few of the major apps in the suite …


Do you know when the updates will roll out? Or is the answer only at the end of watching the YouTube videos :smiley: ?


CC 2019 is available now. I have updated the apps in my subscription already.

That being said, I don’t know the status of the apps at the space. I assume @Team_Infrastructure would handle those subscriptions/upgrades?


Oh, awesome. I hadn’t used any of the apps in about a month so I’m looking forward to trying them out!


The gradient upgrade is a game changer!


If DMS pays the bills we can access the software when it’s released. I’ve built Adobe packages in the past and I can build some new ones if infrastructure committee wants.


I could have used a couple of these last week. I’m excited to put them to use. :slight_smile:


Photoshop was the big updates this year. I already feel the speed difference, which is nice, as some years it got slower. No clue about premiere I’m not a power user of that software. Illustrator feels the same and so does indesign.


Is getting Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 a possibility @Team_Infrastructure? Should this question be directed elsewhere?


Holy Moly, my CC install at home is taking forever to complete. Like more than a day. My speed tests are coming out ok so it must be Adobe’s servers getting hammered.


I just did fresh installs of Premiere, AE, and Media Encoder yesterday on my laptop and it finished quickly. Maybe you are connected to a server that is having issues?