Acrylic Pour Painting Class logistics


I’ve recently gotten into Acrylic Pouring, and its a TON of fun. I’d like to teach a class on it, but I’d like some input on how to handle some logistics.

  • Problem 1: They need somewhere to dry. As far as I know right now we don’t have any drying racks (please correct me if I’m wrong, I’d be thrilled). I’d be teaching using 8x10" canvases so I’m pretty sure they’d dry within 24 hours, but occasionally it can take a bit longer.

  • Problem 2: (basically solved): With poured paintings the paint continues to move after its been poured and is drying, so we would need the paintings to be in a tray or something to catch the paint. I have these at home, which I think work great, but I’m open to other suggestions.

  • Problem 3: Varnishing/Finishing. I would like to potentially teach this as a two part class with the second part being how to finish these with resin. I’m pretty sure that CA doesn’t have enough open air and ventilation to use resin in there. Second of all, are we allowed to work with resin in the workshop? And if so, do we have any space in the workshop for drying? I’ve heard rumors that there will be drying space in the new workshop, but that doesn’t help me until post-expansion. Should I even bother with this aspect of the class?


Re: problem 3 I see people working with resin all the time on the work tables. They leave them there to dry with a sign. Similar to all the wood glue ups


It occurs to me that @maxk68 has resin casting classes in CA sometimes. Perhaps its not as noxious as I had originally thought?