Account Cancelled

I need some help, please. Money has been tight, and I was late on my payment and had to sign up for new services to come back. I would like help with two things.

1.) I want to get all of my certification from classes I have taken restored to my account.

2.) I was only paying $50 dollars / month, and I had to pay $60 this month. I am not asking for a refund, but I would like to go back to the original rate, please, if that is possible.

Thank you very much for your help,

Sterling Drinkard
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I’m not sure about the first one but for the second you’re probably out of luck. Once lost, that rate is lost.

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This is correct. In order to keep the old rates, you have to maintain membership. Once you cancel that rate you can only sign up under the new rates.

If you use the same email and login credentials you will keep your certifications and training, in 99% of cases.

The exception would be if the tool was replaced by something needing totally different training.

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How long have you been inactive? It was my understanding that if the break was less than 14 days, the old rate could be reinstated, but you were stuck with the new rate otherwise.

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There’s an easy solution. What are you qualified to teach? What can you learn? What are the high-demand classes where teachers are scarce?

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The grace period is 14 days

“When membership dues increase, members shall be grandfathered on their current rate schedule unless a lapse of 14 days occurs, at which time the current rate schedule will apply.”


I could teach about electronics or soldering techniques.

If you teach only once every 5 months your break even with old rate AND more people educated!


Go talk to the electronics chair about maybe putting a basic electronics class together. Simple stuff like how to use a multimeter, how to solder, what oscilloscopes are all about, what electrical components do, how to use a breadboard, working with LEDs, and so on. I bet people would be interested in that class.

Or maybe he knows what their most popular project class would be. Perhaps something like “Add LEDs to any project.” You’ll get $50 that you can apply toward dues if you get the minimum amount of people to show up.