Account Activation

I let my membership expire and now that I decided to come back my fob is not working and the computers are saying my account has been deactivated. My membership is active and I need to use the laser cutters. Super urgent, need this resolved asap.

Go into Maker Manager, you can reactivate your badge there

Click on My Badges, follow instructions

Maker Manager is telling me invalid username or password. Already reset the password and I am using the username that appears in the portal where you pay for the membership.

When I look at your account through MakerManager, your account is active – you just need to add your fob back to it.

I cannot log into Maker Manager. It is saying my account is invalid

Is that using the brendamv1lla account? That’s the one that I see active, but no fob.

Yup, that’s what I am using. I tried resetting the password but it still won’t let me log in.

Weird. That’s beyond me. @hon1nbo is standing here. I’ll ask him once he finishes with this tour. Or – you could come back to the Common room.

Good morning, Beth.
I am a Forum user and decided to join DMS. My several attempts in the payment process always gave me below message after hitting the Complete Order button:

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
Username value is not valid

In one attempt, I tried to user Username as MedAtrium. Then, I tried MedAtrium_1. Both had the same result.

Can you help?

User names are all lowercase

Can I use the same user name as my Forum user name?

Yes, most people do. In fact if they match the system will be able to recognize you as a member. Lowercase and numbers (optional).

Thanks. Wish these rules used by the system are mentioned in the process.

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I hear you. I suggested that we add this to the sign-in screen, but it’s some freeware we got, and it’s apparently a PITA to adjust. Our programming folks seem to spend a moderate amount of time just making sure that it keeps working.

We actually made the change to the username instructions earlier this afternoon.


I’m actually having this issue again. Just reactivated my membership. I can’t log in to Maker Manager and need to activate my fob. Thanks!

So, for the current things, send an email to [email protected] and tell them that you can’t log-in. They seem to be having to beat the system with sticks to make it work. If you changed your password, it didn’t actually change.

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Thanks Beth!