Accidentally Cancelled RSVP

I signed up for the blacksmithing Introduction and Open Forge class on 6/30 and immediately hit the cancel button on accident. Is there a way I can sign up again, I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Alexis! Welcome. If the class isn’t full you should be able to sign right back up

Hi Amanda! I’ve tried, but every time I click on the link it takes me to the page saying I’ve cancelled the registration, and does not offer any other options.

Technically, you can’t sign back up once it’s cancelled.
Because it’s members only, you can’t just sign up with another email address…
I think @Draco has found a way to maneuver around this in the past, and might be willing to help.
Otherwise, ask the host @HankCowdog if he’s willing to let you show up even though you can’t register. He might say yes…

EDIT: this, and more, are addressed in the FAQ:


Yeah, you can’t sign back up once cancelled. But one of the admin type people can magically fix it from the other side

Not sure who to tag these days though…,

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The calendar system won’t support you signing up again, @a_gtz, but please come to the class. We’ll make sure we can support your attending.


Oh that’s strange that it won’t support signing up again, but if you’ll still have me I will definitely still come to the class! I know there was a 10 dollar cost, let me know what the best way to pay it is! Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply, I’m not going to make the same mistake again. Hopefully.

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Easiest is to just bring a check for $10 made out to Dallas Makerspace and put “blacksmith committee” on the memo line. I’ll take it from there. Cash will work too but a check is clearer for Financing folks.

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