Accessing VCarve

I’m at DMS. 'Remote Desktopped get access to VCarve.
When I launch the Ap I get the following message:
“Unable to process request. (Status: 7)
If you have a valid license please try manual entry”

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Remote access of the current version isn’t supported at this time. Please follow the instructions at this link.

Thsnk you very much.

I just joined Dallas MakerSpace and have successfully signed in for remote access to the Jump Server. I, too, have been unable to access VCarve Pro remotely. The link provided in the above reply did not work:

If VCarve Pro is not available remotely, what other software like it can I use remotely through the Jump Server?

Thank you,

Just have a moment. Not sure, about the other issues. Download vcarve pro from here and don’t worry about serial numbers until you are ready to test out.

See here:

** Solidworks Licenses**

The CAM module is a Vcarve equivalent, but I don’t know anyone who has used it yet with the Multicam. Ask @procterc abut using Solidworks CAM.

And get a green dot: