Access to jointer table


Hey everyone, I recently renewed my makerspace membership and previously had taken classes 1-4 in the wood shop. I was able to access the table saw and planer but was unable to get the jointer table to authorize. I previously was able to. It has been a while since my previous membership. I spoke with Paul, one of the teachers up there, and he said the classes have changed and that may be where the issues are originating from. We scanned my fob at the computer and it said I had taken classes 1-3. I do remember taking all four. Is there any way I could get authorization to use the jointer table? I would also like to be able to use the band saw but I have not attempted to yet. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Apparently, the jointer and the Powermatic table Saw are having issues with the RFID lockout connecting to the server.

You have been added to the correct group, and access to all woodshop RFID machines should be active once the RFID server updates. This may take up to 24 hours to update, but is typically much faster.

To my knowledge, your tag on the PM table is the only issue I’m aware of. Are you saying there’s something else?

Since he mentioned it only on the one tool, I figured it was a different version of the same issue.

Update: I just checked, and the issue seems to have been fixed

Thanks Ian, I appreciate it! I’ll probably try and get some work done tomorrow.