Abrasive blasting at DMS?

Is it allowed to do abrasive blasting outside/behind the building (by running an air line outside)? If this is allowed, are their any clean up rules for such an activity? Or abrasive media restrictions?

Thanks in advance for the info - I’m new here. Couldn’t find any previous conversations on this from the last few years other than vapor honing.

(If you’re interested, I want to do this as a raw wood texturing technique).

I have experience of sand blasting an entire truck on my driveway many years ago.

Even with clean up rules, without containment (blast cabinet) this will make a mess that will upset the neighbors, members whom park in the back, and possibly the landlord. Even though you plan on using this on wood, there could be rain runoff issues as well. It’s just not as simple as you would expect.

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Thanks for the honest insight. I’ve heard similar cautionary tales and so will not be doing this at the maker space:(