Ability to laser/engrave rolling pin?


I have not done anything yet in the laser department. Can anyone point me to documentation or somewhere regarding what the lasers can/cannot due so I can gauge if I’d like to take a class?

Currently my only interest is using the laser for engraving into a rolling pin so I can use it for texturing items. So I wanted to read what we have available to see if this is an option, that way I can get trained accordingly.

Thank you!


In theory it is possible using the rotary attachment. I think the biggest two challenges are going to be getting the engraving deep enough, and cleaning the soot out of your finished rolling pin.

Here are a couple “tutorials”:


If you go to the main wiki tools page, the laser section links to the laser committee, documentation, and machine-specific information.

I’d love to do this also!


Hmmm…Lasering a rolling pin that does not have any handles, a la:

seems like it could be done on a fairly straight-forward basis with the rotary attachment (maybe depending on length of rolling pin). But if it has handles, it is way more of a challenge and you might consider texturing something flat that could also then be wrapped around and somehow affixed to the rolling pin.


When you do this @thefinal let me hang with you. I’ve taken the rotary class before but royally screwed up when I tried doing it on my own. Very much would like to do this as well.


@John_Marlow Thank you! Seems you found one of the tutorials I had found. I’ll read through the wiki to see what I can find, but seems like perhaps it could work.

@mblatz I am actually completely okay without handles. Ideally I have some designs in my head that it would be nice to laser onto a pin and use for hand building in ceramics (at least that’s where my brainstorming is going)

Sounds like if the reading goes well per the wiki, I’ll look for classes in the new year and give it a go!


That reminds me, I really need to do a rolling pin class.

I will third the request to hang during that build, I want to see how it comes out.


One of the tutorials described a rolling pin with removable handles. I think that would be perfect for this type of a project.


So looks like the Thunder is the only one that has a rotary attachment if I read right. Cool! Yep, definitely going to see what classes align with my schedule! If not this month, hopefully next (haven’t seen yet how often classes are offered).


Check with an Lazer instructor, I think our rotary attachment goes half way around.


it can travel that it thinks is 1000mm, about 40"s.


The rotary attachment should work on all 3 big lasers (though last I checked there was an issue with Donner’s rotary connector)


Still an issue


@talkers… rolling pins / lathe and rolling pin engraved/ Lazer would be great back to back classes! :raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀