A message from member who wants to remain anonymous

Posting for someone who asked me to.

“As I sit here, listening to the chatter, hearing the conversations. Watching people scurry, flutter, and quickly gather their things from a place I hold dear. I am reminded of a docile calm feeling. Seeing people like minded as myself, worry about this place. Worry about something that’s stood solid, strong, and independent for a decade. I’m reminded the reason(s) I fell in love with DMS. The people, the connections, and the knowledge gained through many hours of classes and talking with others. This epidemic is not stronger than our membership. I’ve heard several say that the DMS community is gone. It’s not gone, we’re all still connected by at least one common denominator, the space. She may be dormant for a few weeks but, nonetheless, she will strive better, stronger, and efficiently. The people whom given themselves to this place for years, months, and long periods of time, know that she’ll be fine. We all have passion, vision, and drive to keep her going.”

-Anonymous DMS member


I had planned to stay at home this weekend and possibly next. I do so not for me, but my room mate would not survive this virus, as would many of my older friends. I hope to be back as soon as I can. We’ll see. May everyone stay safe. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon. And using the Poly Printers too.

I am glad the BOD has made this decision, as I have a major weakness for the space, and may have done something stupid, like show up when I shouldn’t.