A little courtesy, perhaps?


Some folks would prefer a bit of warning before being photographed. I’ve wound up with a camera practically in my face twice now, and I’m a bit peeved. I really don’t want to put clay fingerprints on your lovely lens…


Who was putting a camera in your face?

Calling @Team_Digital_Media


That’s a bit overstated (my fault), but I didn’t sign a filming waiver, and to turn around and discover I’m being filmed is annoying. I didn’t recognize the guy tonight, either.


I believe the waiver is for publishing in a creative works not filming. It might have been someone privately filming a class? But you are right, they should ask first.


No, he wasn’t connected with any of my students. Plus, he was doing close-ups of our work, including some of my signature pieces. I mean, on one hand, I publish pics, so it’s not like they’re secrets. And, it’s sculpture, so just a pic won’t help you reproduce it. But – some artists, and some other inventors around the space, take their work seriously. Since he seemed to filming, I just tried to make sure my tapping (what the heck do you think you’re doing) fingers were also in his shot.

Just ask first.


Really sorry to hear about this. As a camera person and previous Vice Chair of Digital Media I appreciate the restraint you showed. I don’t know if this was an over zealous member or possibly one of the individuals @thespacemaker keeps talking about bringing in.

I know some believe the MakerSpace is considered Public Space and no filming or photo release should be needed. But I also know our members. Many of our members are very private individuals who have voiced on many occasions they do not want any recordings of themselves whatsoever. Those wishes should be respected.

I know when I have done filming at Space it was either at request of individual/group or I took the time to ensure I was only one in shot. Sometimes that meant shooting at 2 am during the week.


Did you politely ask them to stop filming? And did they stop?

I understand the urge to shy away from the camera and I known that it can be shocking to turn around and see a camera. We do have interns from the veterans film and media, they are eager to learn and much of what they are doing is practice with no intent to publish… I typically ask before shooting someone, if you feel they invaded your space I will talk to them.

Letting us know what time is a good start, so I can narrow down who it is.

Communication is always valued in digital media, if you have a problem with someone with a camera just address it there on the spot, I’m sure most people will gladly listen to your concerns if you have any other issues you can always come raise them with me directly.



On a side note…

Don’t threaten the equipment of any committee just because you have a qualm with a personal interaction.

We all offer you the same respect. :slight_smile: thank you


Also, more importantly, don’t murder members of any committee just because you have a qualm with a personal interaction.

I am surprised you forgot about this one? It seems like it should come first.


Certainly one should ask permission before filming another person at the space.

Here comes the “but.” If your project is so top-secret or so proprietary that you object to someone taking pictures of it, a semi-public place like DMS may not be the best place to work on it. Part of the fun of being at DMS is seeing what others are working on and getting inspiration from that. And occasionally blatantly ripping off someone else’s work because you thought it was cool. :smile:


What? Murder? I’m confused…

Zero to a hundred here…


Oh…I thought maybe today was “take a brave stance” day, and so listing obvious “no-nos” that didn’t really need to be said. But then again I might just have been virtue signaling about what a good person I am and how much I care about “threats” and “murdering”.


Lol ok…

Good job then


There’s zero expectation of privacy at the space and you’ve already been filmed and photographed if you’ve ever been to the space (even the parking lot).

I think it’s appropriate to expect someone to stop filming or photographing once asked to but I think it’s inappropriate to expect everyone to ask everyone else if it’s okay to be filmed or photographed.

People should be courteous for sure. I’m not saying people have a license to be an asshole. There’s a balance though.


Well, it certainly is a thought that runs across one’s mind in such intrusive situations…

And, I don’t generally keep edged weapons at hand in the space, so random obtrusive photographers are probably safe…


A while back, I took a photography class from Walter. One of the guys was trying to get a patent for his thing, and he was super-anxious about the process.

Granted, he probably would’ve said something when the dude showed up in the mid-distance filming. So there wouldn’t have been a spot where he shoved his camera (the DMS camera) about 5 inches away from the pieces we’d been working on…

No. I didn’t say anything at the time. And, of course, he was so involved in his process and so sure of his … welcome??? that he totally missed the Mom Look. I’m just putting this here so that the next time y’all hand somebody a camera you might point out that folks might prefer to be asked BEFORE being filmed.


The reason we gave up this right of privacy was for supposed “safety” and “theft deterrence”. Several members opposed this. Whatever. But… these videos are available to only a limited few, and not for general consumption.

We as a Space have always respected members wishes for not being filmed. The list of these members is long. Either for privacy, off the grid, or IP or … doesn’t matter. It is about the respect for their wishes.

the debate about whether photogs have to request permission is a different issue outside the Space.


I’m fine with being taped and what not by makerspace big brother as much as I can stomach. I do however expect any photographer or someone taking video to have the courteous to hear me say no first

Courtesy even


I believe any formal use of member photos (e.g., for promotional/public purposes) should require a written consent form. But I concur that members should expect to be videotaped, photographed to help support safety and security measures.


I think with this last bit of info I can finally solve the puzzle:

It was Beth, with the 10 lb bag of kaolin clay body, in the Digital Media room.