A cross sig project idea for LED and Resin sig


Found this on the book of faces and it made me think of the resin and LED SIGs that are starting up. No idea what we could use them for, unless we made a bunch and used them for a giant matrix display or something similar.


I’m willing to work with you on any project you may need. I can provide some lights. Just let me know what’s up.


I’d love to own one of these as a shelf item for work. Just puts a smile on my face.


This isn’t something I have a specific need or project in mind for. I just saw it on my feed this morning and thought of you guys. Though one of those LED matrix/hyper cube things at this scale would be impressive.


I like the ideas! Or an infinity mirror.

I’d like to this mix of medias someday.


@nacho could easily upgrade this to multiple RGB LEDs and an Arduino. Bright red, green for Christmas, orange and dark colors for halloween, red, white, blue for Independence day,… A little $1.00 ATtiny85 has way more than enough horsepower for this.