A couple of basic woodshop questions

Hey all. A couple of questions that follow the recent reorgs…

  1. Where do we put dull saw blades that need to be sharpened now? We used to have a designated “dull blade” hook on the pegboard, but I can’t find anything that’s logically labeled now.

  2. Where are the tools to change the blades on the powermatic table saw hiding?

  3. (not related to reorgs) Does anyone have the dimensions of the fence on the new router table handy? I need a longer fence to do some things I’m working on, and want to make it out of some scrap I have handy. I have a keyhole cutter already, but need to know what size of hardwood scrap to bring up.

  4. What’s wrong with the air line above the drill press that its clamped off?

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Where are the tools to change the blades on the powermatic table saw hiding?

They wander more than anything else in the shop I feel but they’re typically found on the side of the machine, on the top of the saw, or the leg of the out feed table hanging from a screw.


Dull blades - don’t know that we’ve had a peg board hook in the year plus I’ve been a member. Assuming that you are referring to the table saw blades? Please label and put questionable blades on the shelf to the left of the Kapex.

Tools for the Powermatic are on the cabinet/base for the saw as of Thursday.

Check the wiki link for info on the router table.

Internal leak on the Robo Reel. Needs to be taken apart. Interested in giving it a go?

That’ll be before you time then.

It’s not on there, but I just came up and measured it and got it made.

Do we have a service manual somewhere? I’m the guy that brought the air lines over there back years ago. There’s a ball valve in the ceiling at the joint where that line drops in that can shut off the supply