8 pin - DC to DC wiring converter help

If anyone can help me today wire up this chip I’d appreciate it.

What voltages and currents are you hoping to use this for?

Do you have an inductor selected?

It was the only thing I could find local today. Hoping to just use it as a boost converter. 5v -> 12v thought I might be able to do it if I feed it the right resistor

That’s really poor datasheet - and you’ll need more than just a resistor.
No circuit examples or app notes.
Looks like nte7173 is equivalent to mc34063 - which has app notes, ckt examples.



Why not get a boost ckt brd from amazon, sparkfun, etc?
Far easier than designing one from scratch.

You’ll need a handful of capacitors (two >100uF and one smaller one you’ll need to calculate), two resistors to set the output voltage, an inductor (whose size you’ll need to calculate), a diode, and unless you’re using less than 400ishmA you’ll need a transistor as well. Some of Arts links should help if you want to do those calculations.

What you’ve got is the controller that switches the transistor and regulates the output voltage, but it’s not a nice easy module. If you’re looking for something ‘quick’, you can also go down to mouser on Monday and pick up whatever you need.

So it needs to be done sometime Sunday before the stores open Monday.
Don’t have time to go to Mouser Monday

I also have a circuit board that I got from Tanners today but it’s too big to fit.

In addition I have a TI LMZ31710 that I was saving but can use in a pinch but I think is limited to 5.5v output :frowning:


I’ll be in the elab if anyone is around

Sounds like its time to do some reading and some calculating!

This is the example I found, to supplement arts links. https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/50

Might try Micro Center or Frys
Found their search tool to be frustrating.