8/3/2022 Ceramics Shelving is Moving - Please move your pieces

Hi All,

Ceramics Committee agreed that we will be rearranging the shelving in the area for ease of use and a better organizational flow.

This “In Progress” shelf will no longer be “In Progress”. It will become the shelf where your finished bisque and glazed items will reside. Please move your things to another “In Progress” shelf before 8/13.

This shelf will be moving to the other side of the area next to the tall “In Progress” shelf up against Jewlery. It will also become a new “In Progress” shelf on 8/13. Please come get your finished Bisque and Glazed items asap so that we can complete the move.

Also, the short table by the wheels will be moved to the new flex area for use. The shelving between the wheels will be broken down into two 3 shelf units and the new tool cabinet under the throwing tools will be used for hand building and plaster mold (plastic) tools.

Remember all plaster molds should never have a tool used on the inside of the mold and only plastic/wood on the outside.

Our heat guns are very strong and should not be used on our plaster molds or anything plastic, like tool cabinet tops or bats.

Thank you and let us know if you have questions


Please make sure to move your pieces as soon as possible. We appreciate your attention!

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Will be coming down this afternoon to remove ours


I have a few items that are finished glazed, but I am out of town until 8/14 and won’t be able to pick them up by 8/13. Is there anyway for the items to be moved to wherever the new finished glazed items will be?

Of course, we can handle that. Thanks for letting me know.

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Shelving has moved.

A few members completed the task yesterday.

Thank you!