7/19 Glaze and Sgraffiti class

Sorry if I’m not posting this in the right place - rookie!


I’m a new member and I have two daughters that are members but for some reason aren’t listed on my account and have no member logins to be able to register for a class as a member.

I signed up for the 7/19 Ceramics- Underglaze and Sgraffito- $15 class.

I need to get them registered as well but without their logins (and no idea how to get them except for the support email I just sent), are you able to directly register them for your class?

We want to all attend together.

Add-on members are set up in the Manage Badges area.

Nobody can add people to a Calendar event without that person’s log-in info.

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Add-on process (from canned replies) :
Browse to Maker Manager, log in, then under badges, configure Family Member.
This (dated but mostly still relevant) walks through it - add-ons start on P 7.

I hope this class makes as the results are stunning. Look at the pictures in the class description…


This is a case of requiring DMS membership when it is not necessary. Participants will not be making the object to decorate as part of the class.

Non DMS members can register with an e-mail address if the class does not require membership.

I believe it does require being a member. The pieces that they would decorate have to still be on our shelves for the drying process and the firing process plus glazing.

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Do you not fire pieces for “guest” students or non-addon children of members?

That would be a good question to ask each teacher. In ceramics…we have to check on our pieces to make sure they are drying properly. I dont think a teacher should have to tend to everyone’s pieces in a class if they are not members. They would also have to move them to the firing shelf as well as have the non members come back another time to glaze them…which means that teacher would have to carve more time out of their schedule to set up another class that works not only for them…but everyone who was a student in class. Then the teacher would have to keep up with when their pieces do come out of the kiln and then notify each and every non member to pick up their pieces…and be there when they do. But…if a member brings guests…that there member is responsible for their quests work at all times :nerd_face:

Requiring membership can be useful. I used to teach non-member classes in ceramics way back. Pretty much, it seemed to encourage free-loaders rather than potential members.

While that doesn’t apply to children of members, nor guests of members, it still puts us in the “cheap class” zone. Which attracts persons who are just looking for a cheap class.

There was a guy in one of @mstreet’s classes who was a non-member, and we walked by the lamp-working to get to the kiln. He was interested in the fused glass, and made a comment about taking my class next. I just smiled, because my classes are for members nowadays.

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your help/recommendations.

I was able to add my child from the “badges section, but I still can’t figure out what’s next because they aren’t getting emails to reset password or set up account because it gives a message that basically says something to the effect of email doesn’t connects to “first name last name” … as if it doesn’t see their email in the system even though I see it under their badges.

I’m still stuck. Any more recommendations?


Has your daughter signed a liability waiver at one of the kiosks in the front lobby?

You can redo the password for your add-ons the same place that you set up their account – in the badges section.

Since the system won’t track them, I’d advise that their password be something simple that they can remember. So that they don’t have to come to you everytime that they can’t remember their password.

Hi there, yes they signed the liability waiver the day we did Ceramics 101 and signed up for our membership.

I was able to set them up in the badges section as I found out their liability waivers were attached to my email address as opposed to their own.

One step closer to trying to resolve their setup issues.

I requested a password reset for their email addresses since I can’t find any place to set a password for them on my own.

Either way seems like all this is for nothing because since I started this thread all the spots except 2 are taken and I still can’t figure out how to register my daughters without having all these issues resolved.

Thanks to everyone who has been trying to help me here!

Success! Wow, that was not very intuitive for primary and secondary membership account setup, but it’s done! Or, maybe it was just me. :woman_facepalming:t2:

So now on to the next challenge. How do we get key fobs for building access without an “activation number”?

Also, where do I pick those up please?

There should be some fobs in the mailbox outside the front door. You should be able to follow these steps. New Member - Need FOB help Friday, May 5th - #2 by jast

Yes we are members thanks!