7 1/4 inch circular saw blades

Does anyone happen to have a few dead 7 1/4 circular saw blades?
I’ve got a few different project ideas I’m playing around with the ideas on so I’m looking for a few (5 or 6) and I figured y’all would be the best source before I went out and bought new and wasted them on a project.

I’m looking for blades that have a larger tooth edge like pictured below, not the small tooth fine Edge.

If anybody’s got any dad/unusable ones laying around taking up space, let me know, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

I have a 10 in blade in my storage unit. Would that work or does it need to be 7 1/4 in?

I do have an idea that I could use a 10 inch blade for for sure (and I will happily take off your hands)!

The other project ideas, do specifically require 7 1/4 inch blades.

Workin’ on that zombie-slayer baseball bat?

ok cool, I will leave it for you on the free shelf tomorrow

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Thank you!

I’ve got a few friends into the wastland/post-apocalyptic cosplay.