65# Farrier anvil for sale **SOLD**

This anvil, I was told when I bought it, is a 65# farrier’s anvil - 3/4" hardy hole.
It has not been abused but as shown has mild rust having been outdoors with a sheet metal cover. As shown it is lag screwed to a 6’ beau d’arc log section about 2.5’ into the ground. I have a 5T high lift jack, but haven’t tried pulling it out.
I would like $65 for the anvil, throwing in a few pieces I made to fit the smaller hardy hole and the log if you help (and succeed) in dragging it out.
I live down near White Rock Lake dam and have no means of getting this to DMS. Going because I am moving.


Man that’d be fun to have just for rust removal purposes. I might get back to you. Don’t really need an anvil but it’d might be fun to have if no one else wants it.

Someone should JUMP on this offer of $65.


Where is it located?

He says he lives near White Rock lake dam in his post.

I’m interested. Sent a DM


Mike C is on his way to get it.
Mike F

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It’s gone!
Thanks Mike and everybody
Mike F