5axis toolpath fusion360

Looking for help, creating a toolpaths on fusion360 to be used on a 5axis shopbot. The toolpaths will be from 3d scanned sculptures. They will need to be enlarged sliced so the pieces can fit the cut area and then be cut in foam.

Autodesk charges $1600/yr for 5 axis support as part of their CAM add-on. I’m looking into DeskProto for multi-axis machining but I don’t think it’s as advanced.

Yes I have the basic fusion 360 and had the add on for a trail period. I am good to add it if I find someone to work with me to build toolpaths and as I learn for myself

Tommy, welcome to the talk forum. In case he didn’t already pass it on to you, my suggestion for learning was: TITAN 5-Axis SERIES | TITANS of CNC: Academy

Would love to see the work y’all end up producing this method.

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Just FYI -once we get MasterCam installed it has 5 axis support built in


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