$50 Designer Whole Hides - Tandy Sale 12/8, 12/9


Hey folks,

Tandy is having a sale on designer whole hides this weekend. This is the entire cow so it’s about 40 square feet of leather.

This leather will be anywhere from about 3oz to about 6oz. They will come in a variety of colors, finishes, and temper. (Softness).

This os a GREAT deal for this kind of leather. It cannot be cut on our lasers as it will be chrome tanned, but it’s the perfect leather to use on Thor.

Most especially for bags, rolls, and the like. Anyway. Great deal. Great price. Stay away from the Watauga. That’s my store and I want a good selection.


I’ll be heading to watauga first thing…


You may be the first person to say this ever.

Generally true. Mileage will vary though depending on how much metal is left in the leather. Laser will not be damaged for trying. Just much of this chrome treated leather scorches and doesn’t cut. But I did have success with one hide.


For some reason I thought it was a safety/poison gas thing? But I may have misinterpreted what I was told. Can you please school me on if it is allowed or not?


I thought It was a “not on the DMS-approved list” thing.


Chrome tanned leather is currently on the “do not cut” list, yes.


I’m bringing the whole family to Watauga. LOL.
I will be going to the Allen one to pick one up. I can’t afford it but a good deal on leather is not that often. May have to drink PBR instead of Corona but sacrifices need to be made.


What time are you going by?. Maybe I can get the 2nd best one. There is a store in Allen but the Watauga one is much closer.


Hey, grab me one of the good ones before @mreynolds gets it!


I suggest Michelob Ultra.


For those of you that want to make the trek to the Fort Worth Tandy main store, here are the Manager Specials.

If you miss out on the full hides, they have sides for $30. Probably leftovers from Black Friday


Isnt there a Tandys in Irving or something(wait there isn’t :wink:)


? There’s a Tandy’s over in Irving, on Esters across from the mall…


He’s saying there isn’t, so no one else goes! Dont fall for it!


FYI, I am close enough to Allen store that if someone wanted me to pick something up for them, I am happy to do it. Would need to make sure they had what you wanted and Paypal me first, though.


Ooh, so @Team_Creative_Arts could get a whole hide of Fluorescent Creative Arts Pink patent leather? Just think of all the tool handles that could be wrapped in beautiful shiny pink leather…



Your probably right. When we went there the day of the sale they had plenty left. It’s way out of the way for me but I like that store out of all of I have been to so far.

Irving, Allen, East Dallas & South Ft Worth.


I’m kidding, and taking cue from some of the previous jestful statements. :slight_smile:
Theres is one in Irving.


If anyone goes to the Ft Worth store on I20. The store manager is Anthony. Let him know I sent you. That wont get you a discount but he’s a great guy and used to manage the Watauga store near me until he was asked to go to the big store recently.