3d Vacuum press status? (2020-12-23)

When I took the class with @CaryF300 for dye sublimation the 3d vacuum press was non-functional.

Has this been fixed?

I ended up being able to use the flat press for it (wasn’t sure how well it would get into the recesses of the puzzles I was doing, but it worked)

A cursory look I didn’t see the power cord to try the 3d press. I’d still like to know if it’s operational soni can do yeti bottles.

Also, @Team_Creative_Arts I forgot to use some paper on the bottom for bleed (though I did on the top) and bleed onto the (separate) cloth sheet on the press. Is there a roll of that material? If not I’ll order some of someone shares a source.

Do we not have a mug press for bottles? I’d rather use a mug press or wrap for round objects - gets better contact than a vacuum blanket will.

Need a wrap for every size, plus batch jobs

That is a teflon sheet. It should be cleanable. I believe that is the only one we have. I’ll swing by tonight and take a look at it. I’ve got another call in about the 3D press.

We do have a mug press, but whether it will fit what he is trying to do is the big question. most of the Yeti bottles are too big for a mug press. Also, we do use wraps in the 3D vacuum press; it is used as an oven an the vacuum feature is not used.


Any update on the 3d press?

Carey is swamped til Valentine’s day. I didn’t do any testing of the dye sub this past weekend, only vinyl. If noone else gets to it, I can look at it weekend after next.

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I did confirm today that a replacement switch has been secured and is on its way to me today. As soon as I get it, I’ll find time to get in there and get it installed. Soon after I will have a few quick classes to go over it for the people that haven’t been able to see it in action during the recent Dye Sub 101 classes.


With the issue with the other press, guess it’s time for my monthly ping on the status for the 3d press.


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