3D SCANNER in 2019


After expansion, maybe. It is too tight and that is why they gave it to Digital Media.


So…whats the status of the 3D scanner? Is it accounted for and operational? As I’ve stated before it and the Form 2 are the only reasons I’m a member. Its a bit of a drive for me to get to the DMS so I’d like to know where it stands so that I don’t waste a trip up there.


Any update? I was there the day it was found to be missing, parts of it were on the table the day before so there should have been video?

Need to scan some stuff for a JSM class.


I didn’t find it either when I looked the other day, just the turntables.


Well… someone could always help clean it…

We’ve organized digital media and every week it gets pillaged for HDMI cables and everything else.

If you see a mess, digital media is always open to some volunteers to clean it, the room is far too small for the amount of equipment in it, that’s why we are doubling in size after expansion.



Also the turning base seems to be in digital media but the scanner itself isn’t to be found.


We’re still waiting to here of this magical place “where it should be”

Everyone else who has checked what is supposed to be it’s home has not found it, just the turntables.


At what point do we assume its gone?


I know it lives in Digital Media but what committee is in charge of it? @Team_3D_Fab or @Team_Digital_Media ?


Video only goes back a couple of weeks so we can probably assume it is long gone


Lamentations and grieving aside…
Too soon to discuss what kind of 3D scanner we need to get at DMS? There have been some advancements in the technology, as well as interesting handheld options, though I think a stationary, high precision one is key.


I would love to see a handheld one partly because I think it would be more versatile. I want to scan the top of a motor and a few parts of the outside of my car i dont really want to lug an engine in, or drive my car through a wall. lol


I like the idea of a handheld one… I think it has more utility for most members.


This one does stationary and handheld. Not knowing what the budget is…

Of course anyone up for a challenge in the meantime could do this project.


Ugh, that sucks.


I don’t know where you guys have been looking, but I went and got the 3D scanner from Digital media, and put it in cabinet in 3d fab. I will post a pic of it so everyone can stop panicking about the scanner.Nothing has happened to ti, it has not been stolen, it needs repair but we will be discussing that at the next 3D fab meeting.


Next Engine has been contacted and they have out printer on file as being purchased in June of 2015 so its no longer under warranty. I got an invoice form them for $475 for repairs and shipping back to us, I will be sending the scanner off tomorrow for repairs.


Is the pc with the software still in Digital Media?


Yes I was niot going to move thats without checking with Adnan


If it’s just a loose USB port then why pay $475 for repairs?