3D SCANNER in 2019


So has anyone ACTUALLY seen the “NextEngine Ultra HD” 3D scanner?
Most of the people I’ve asked point to the Multi-drive arm attachment, but I cannot seem to locate the actual scanning part of it. Admittedly it is a nice arm, but not currently of use without the scanner…

Also, is this the only scanning option we currently have, other than the 2 Kinects in digital media?


@Team_Digital_Media? @Team_3D_Fab?


It certainly wasn’t in 3D Fab during the last cleaning day a few weeks back.


The 3d scanner is and always has been in digital media. We will start having classes on it in March


Provided it is found of course…
My search of the Digital Media room has been fruitless, thus far.
What wasn’t under lock and key anyway. Hard to say what is actually in Digital Media with any certainty.


I saw it in Digital Media. should look like this:


Is it even working? Last year it wasn’t… Someone had damaged the connectors inside the port on the scanner. As well as took apart the computer cart and lost the cords that go to it.


I made a post about it in December of last year. I have been traveling and wasn’t able to follow up with it outside of the fourm. However no one ever replied to it so i dont know what its status is.


I had been told it was out for repair; I don’t know when that started or if it is accurate.
Until the unit broke sometime last year I made on and off use of it.


I believe the contacts in the USB port need to be fixed or a new usb (female type A it think) port need to put on the board.


After a thorough search of DM this morning, I’m sad to confirm it appears as though our $3,000 3D scanner is missing. Security footage will be reviewed.

ping @thespacemaker


Wow :astonished:


Coul, I checked 5 min ago and the scanner is where it should be

3D Scanner Missing

this is where I expect a proof of life photo including today’s Dallas Morning News to be posted…


I am also curious. The obvious question being, where should it be?


I vote not the digital media room. That place has been a disaster area everytime I’ve gone in there. If there is a system of organization, it’s not being used. Is the 3D scanner even working? Last time i checked it was missing cords, which no one could help me find an well as the port on the back was damaged.


If the port on the back is damaged, and it’s not under warranty, let me know. I’d be happy to look at it and see if it can simply be reflowed back into place.



This, as a lot of us could not find it where we at least were used to seeing it.

However given the rats nest that room has become I wouldn’t be surprised if it was missed as many of us are afraid to deal with the tangles of wire and equipment without breaking something expensive.


I’ve wanted to learn the 3D scanner for a while now. This excites me.


I would suggest setting up a 3d scanning station in the 3D fab room. I think it would be better utilized and be better maintained in that space. Digital Media is indeed in need of restructuring, organization, and a functional inventory.