3D Printing + Tour

Hey everyone. My name is Chris Mulberry and I use to be a member of the space two years ago (before the building extension)

I’ve since moved to California and I’m in the area visiting family.

I wanted to do some 3D printing and give a tour to my brother to see if he’d be interested in the membership.

Would anyone in the space right be open to giving us a tour?

Hi, Chris. Glad we got him set up!

Thank you for the tour!

My only feedback to the space as a whole would be to remove the need to be guided by an existing member. Lowering the barrier of entry would accelerate the number of new members giving them the ability to “try before you buy”

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Absolutely not! We don’t want the uninitiated wandering the halls for a couple reasons.

Firstly, safety. The space is not the safest place to be, and certain zones are especially hazardous. Having uncontrolled access to these spaces is not a good idea.

Second, we want to share things about the space you wouldn’t glean from a quick unguided tour. A lot of tools and opportunities available aren’t immediately obvious unless you know what you’re looking for. There are so many gems hidden around the place. Also we want to make it clear that we are a community, not a product.

As for “try before you buy”, most classes offered on the calendar are open to non-members, and if you have a one time project you wanna try out, a qualified member can invite you in with them and you can work on it together (with the member handling the tools). We recently had a whole gaggle of cub scouts come through for a pinewood derby project.