3D Printing Status (7/12/20)?

Is 3D printing currently available?

I am trying to print from computer in the corner of 3d fab where the windows meet the wall to .94 and the job doesn’t start printing (the print head moved home and the webpage eventually shows an estimated print time but never starts printing). The listed tool temperature stalls way below 215. Normally the webpage is AJAX-y/live updates on tool & bed temperature, etc. but doesn’t seem to be doing so now. On the Temperature tab, the graph portion shows a bed temperature of 60 (confirmed with the IR temperature reader) but the Actual temperature text and control section below lists “off”.

I pressed the reset Pi button and reConnected but that didn’t change anything.

the only thing that changed on the printer-side were that the new workstations were authorised to send jobs; anything else is outside of my knowledge. We didn’t have an sdcard readers we could find to image the new pis.