3D printing questions and a request

I haven’t taken the 3d printing class yet, but hope to some day. I am interested in resin printing a pair of tweeter waveguides that are 5" x 7.5" x maybe a little over 1". Can the resin printer at the makerspace accommodate that? Also all I have access to is an .stl file that is provided for 3d printing and a .step file for CNC (also potentially interested in making it from aluminum). I’m hoping the .stl is all I need to print it. Is that right? Also looking to hire someone to do it, because the somewhat few times I’ve checked I haven’t seen the class on the calendar.

Thank you!

.stl files would be fine, but unfortunately it would not fit into our resin printer.

We have an Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer. The printing volume for that printer is:

  • 4.72” long
  • 2.68” wide
  • 6.1” high

Two of your three dimensions exceed the printable volume, so it won’t fit into the volume even if you tilted it.


Have you tried Xometry or Shapeways?

I haven’t but I will. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hobby resin printers use cell phone screen tech to expose the resin. As a side effect, the bed size for those printers are the size of the screen used.

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I’ve used Shapways several times when I’ve needed something that exceeded my 3d printable volume. They do great work and are pretty punctual with their timelines.