3D Printer Vendor Visit

Today I was at TheLab getting my son’s RFID badge setup when two gentlemen approached asking about the space. The were from across the street and worked for a 3D printing company that just opened. We gave them a tour of TheLab and they gave us a tour of their facility.

Markforged Metal X:

Filament & Ceramic Build/Support

Build Plate

Wash Station (used some weird fluid)

Messed up pic of the Sintering Oven

Also had a printer that can print circuit boards with conductive traces.

Had several other technologies but my camera ate the pictures.

They also sell bulk filament.
3D-Filament-List.pdf (1.2 MB)


Their filament prices don’t blow me away. $24 a kg for ABS isn’t super competitive for a 10 pack. Local PCB stuff is very cool as that’s usually something needed to be ordered in from China.