3D Printer - Slicing Software

I apologize that this question is probably answered elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we have not been to the Makerspace for quite a long time. We have a large 3D print (14 inches wide) that we would like to print.

  1. Is Bubba or another large printer for ABS still operational?

  2. What slicing software is being used now? I signed onto the Jump server and see that there is “slicr” and a Fusion 360 slicing program. Kisslicer does not seem to be installed anymore.

When I run “slicr”, I get a message that the version of the program is incompatible with the Windows version. A different, but similar, error occurred when trying to open the Fusion 360 slicer.



Ok. I came in to evaluate. It looks like Kisslicer is on the machines by the printers; but it is not on Jump.

Next question… Bubba. Does anyone know the prognosis for Bubba? It has a sign indicating that it is not working.

paging @Team_3D_Fab

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Hey James,

I am Greg, a member here at DMS. I too am planning to come up and print out some items. Was any of the printers working?

It appeared that there were quite a few working. I saw some that had chess pieces sitting on the beds; it looked like they had been printed recently.

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Great. Thanks

All the printers should be work other than bubba. Right now polyprinter is fixing one issue so we can troubleshoot another. Once that’s done I’ll update again.