3D printed pottery

I thought you might enjoy these on how 3D printers are being used to create modern pottery. CHeers!

Taekyeom Lee
3D printed pottery


Wow. That’s one of the most interesting 1-1/2 minute videos I’ve seen.

Very cool :sunglasses:

One issue I’ve heard is that it doesn’t shrink evenly. @cmcooper0 's husband tried it, and it didn’t give the perfect results he wanted.

One could probably figure out the shrinkage rates in each dimension, but that didn’t sound trivial. I mean, if it were easy, Jason would’ve figured it out.

Formlabs has Ceramic 3D resin.

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Jason researched it but we ended up not getting around to it for a couple tricky reasons.

Beth has it right, it shrinks at a different rate along different axes which is fussy but calculable. More problematically, it has an extremely long firing program to burn out certain added materials that facilitate the printing. You can’t chunk it into any of your standard kiln firings.

I’d still quite like to try it out but it would a lot easier if I had a small test kiln, so many possibilities! Very cool stuff. I’d just like to pass along a warning to anyone that gets the motivation geared up to print some things, you can’t just stick it over on the ceramics shelves to be fired. Neither you nor the kiln team would be very happy with the results, heh. :slight_smile:


So… the next time somebody has an old kiln they want to give us, should we look your way? Although, those are usually cone-sitters and such.

For that matter, Sue has a cone-sitter kiln that’s missing the trip-wire for the cone sitter. About the size of the Paragon, if I remember right.

Yes, and free to a good home. Rated to cone 10. Furniture included. Also cone packs and cones, glaze chemicals, etc. PM me or email sroriginals at earthlink.net

I definitely think the ceramic Committee should consider taking you up on your offer. If not, then I personally would be interested.

@Synth83 @coffeebean