3D Printed armor on fabric


Wasn’t sure which category this goes under but I saw it on twitter and it looks fab:

Wow, add some fabric after the 3rd layer if your 3D printer and you get this. Make your own armor! #FutureFashion @hackaday LA pic.twitter.com/FXWbVj5yu8

— Stephen Tranovich (@QueerEngineer) January 31, 2018

The video might not embed but click through the link to check it out :stuck_out_tongue:

3d Printing onto fabric

Wow! That’s really clever. Thanks for sharing it.

Now I have to think of some reason to try it …


I have to think that you could iron prints into fabric as well, but you wouldn’t be able to easily do complex patterns


I wish he would show how he anchors the fabric while the next few layers print. I suppose bulldog clips in a high enough quantity would work. Once my home machine is back up and running, I am going to try this out.